What we do

what we do :-

For Student Entrepreneurs
I) Business Modelling Intensive Workshop for Entrepreneurs Objectives of the program:

1) Introduction to BeeLab Tools and their utility
2) Understanding the interdisciplinary depth of engineering and business
3) To understand basic elements of business and the importance of market research, consumer and user
4) To create Business Pitch
5) Understanding investment and funding
6) Business Case Presentation Expected outcomes of the program:

a) Designing a strategy for your startup
b) Creating “Pitch Presentations”
c) Defining the dimensions of your business
d) Strengthening the dimensions of your business‚Äč

  1. Business Modelling Customised Workshop for Entrepreneurs

Objectives of the program:

To create a customised program to address training and workshop needs for Educational Institutes, Companies and Student Entreprenurs

  1. For Industries :

If your company is looking for:

  1. New ways to make money
  2. Improvements to existing business
  3. New ways to create value
  4. New markets
  5. Or new products and services

– then we recommend that you work with the company’s business models.

We show you how to do it in a structured and visual way.