About us

During VISHWANIKETAN’S efforts to move from conventional teaching methods to PBL, we realized that there i
huge potential for the applicability of the PBL resultant projects in terms of Industry
based solutions and in terms of independent business application.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to disseminate knowledge and research to Indian Entrepreneurs and Businesses’ in an easy and understandable way.

Our Mission is “Simple tools innovative solutions and a good business model for GOOD BUSINESSES’ ”

In the Vishwaniketan Campus, we have created Vishwaniketan’s Business Modelling Center of Excellence (BMCOE), which is a Business Modelling Lab, under the guidance and association of Aarhus University Denmark. This is a patented lab and aims at providing strategic and simplified solutions to businesses and creating Business Modelling resources for India. The tools being used in the lab are simple and hence can be easily utilized for problem-solving by established businesses, even small businesses and so also the aspiring entrepreneurs & students. The lab also acts like a channel that will help understand the European ways of doing business.